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Autonomous Nodes Creating The Route seamlessly moves-fast400
World-First Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh-Network That Simply Works Autonomous Nodes Creating The Route seamlessly The Sensor Network “Just is” on it’s own New standards for Ultra Low Power Consumption defined Protocol Stack Allows for up to 65K Nodes in One Network Secure and Reliable Mesh-Network AES 128 ACK/NACK, FHSS


The Unique Algorithm – Speed Routing – works out how to get a package from one source to another sink along the fastest route. No single station is responsible for finding the route. When a data package is being transmitted through the Mesh-Network, each node that handles the package uses the Speed Routing Algorithm to work out which one of its neighbors is the one closest to the destination. Not in terms of number of hobs, but in terms of transmission time.
The package gets transmitted to the neighbor who at the time is nearest to the destination. Once received at the neighbor, the process repeats, and the package gets transmitted to the next node along the route until it arrives at the destination.
Mobile Nodes in the Mesh Network        Unique feature allows for mobile nodes, and also means that changes in topology do not require the network to reconfigure, neither is it necessary to request a new route. If a node is removed on the route path, the nodes will instantly find another route for the package to follow. Actually the route is being created WHILE the package is travelling through the network, and not BEFORE as seen in other technologies.