What We Can

The Sensor Network “Just is” on it’s own On-tere-ovn400
World-First Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh-Network That Simply Works Autonomous Nodes Creating The Route seamlessly The Sensor Network “Just is” on it’s own New standards for Ultra Low Power Consumption defined Protocol Stack Allows for up to 65K Nodes in One Network Secure and Reliable Mesh-Network AES 128 ACK/NACK, FHSS


We have sacked the Network Manager and distributed the intelligence to the co-working nodes. When a node is powered up, it will start looking for a network to join. If there is a network it will join it, if there is no network in range, it will create one. Because there is no Network Manager, the joining process becomes a lot simpler, and the network creation time will not grow as a function of the network size.
 No logical limit to the depth of the network.          A network of 65k nodes forms just as quickly as a network of 10 nodes. Actually getting rid of the Network Manager also means that there is no logical limit to the depth of the network.
Networks can be thousands of hobs deep if desired. Because neighbor relationships are formed locally, and not involving a Network Manager far away, the nodes can move around, and while doing so, real time update the neighbor relationships.