Use case: Monitoring system for Vertical Farming

In Vertical Farming plants are stacked on shelves, growing in a hydroponic system with their roots in water instead of soil. They grow in large industrial buildings and sunlight is replaced by LED light, while water enriched with nutrient circulates in a large, closed system.  Thus Vertical Farming can achieve total independence from outside weather […]

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Use case: Pest control

The traps are connected, and communicating through a robust and powerful wireless mesh network The network is able to handle the connectivity challenges at ground level.      A trap sends a notification when it needs to be serviced. The network of traps stays operational for years with 0€ subscription cost. If a trap is relocated the […]

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NeoMesh-enabled Smart Seat to innovate train operation and maintenance

German startup Attensys has designed a Smart Seat that gives train operators valuable information for optimizing daily operations and maintenance. NeoMesh modules connect the Attensys Smart Seat wirelessly to the train’s on-board system. Recently chosen as a winner by the Deutsche Bahn tech innovation initiative DB Mindbox, the Attensys Smart Seat is attracting a lot […]

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CST Electronics

Customer case: IoT CoreTech – a simple solution to complex challenges

South African electronics developer and distributor CST Electronics can provide you with everything from a single chip to a whole system. Now, to answer customer demands, CST has developed a complete working system for IoT sensor applications, all the way from sensor to cloud, with the NeoMesh radio modules and networking protocol for easy and […]

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NeoMesh and the German eagle

German electronics manufacturer Schildknecht is a manufacturer and system provider of industrial radio solutions with over 30 years of experience in the sector. Their DATAEAGLE product range is used where safe and robust radio communication is needed, as in crane operation, lifting tools, elevators, cable cars and the cement and paper & pulp industry.   Schildknecht […]

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Customer case: Monitoring an office building to bring down heating costs

Jakob Olrik, CTO of Attensys, is implementing a wireless sensor system monitoring the heating infrastructure in a large office building in central Copenhagen, using NeoMesh for robust and flexible connectivity.

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