Customer case: NeoMesh goes to church

Swedish company Perific has launched Enegic Meshure, a new system for monitoring temperature and humidity in buildings, based on connectivity provided by NeoCortec. The system is being tested in a number of churches. Perific specializes in IoT and Smart Home solutions, among other things as a sub-contractor developing Vattenfall’s range of Smart Home devices controlling […]

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Customer case: NeoMesh contributes to predictability in electronics development

EKTOS is a leading Danish electronics development and test services provider catering to customers worldwide in the energy sector, in agriculture and in healthcare.

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Up to 65K mobile nodes – unique NeoMesh feature to be used for disaster recovery

One of the key features of the NeoMesh network technology is its ability to handle dynamic topologies in real-time. As opposed to other technologies in the IoT workspace, NeoMesh allows any node in the network to change place. This key feature is due to the patented NeoMesh Protocol. It replaces the central Network Manager with […]

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Customer case: Agricultural feeding system

An RF module from NeoCortec is used in an agricultural feeding system to connect feeding carts to rail switches in order for the carts to follow a pre-programmed feeding route. The system is developed for JH Staldservice, Danish manufacturers of farming equipment, by EKTOS, a provider of electronic development, testing, and prototyping services. Why did […]

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Customer case: Sensor controlled evacuation chute for life rafts

VIKING, a global provider of marine life-saving equipment, is using a wireless sensor system powered by NeoMesh in its evacuation life raft system. In case of emergency passengers transfer from a ship to lifeboats via evacuation chutes. But as there is only room in the chute for one person at a time, it has to […]

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Customer case: A sensor system that helps you avoid surprises

A number of private homes, apartment and office buildings have been outfitted with a NeoCortec NeoMesh sensor network sending humidity, temperature, and energy consumption data into an early warning system for building managers, designed by Berlin-based start-up company Wirsens. Wirsens has its sensor system up and running in five prototype buildings, two in Denmark and […]

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