Start Prototyping Today

The breakout board is designed to allow fast prototyping with no requirement for hardware development.

The breakout board supports two modes of usage:

– Stand alone breakout board

– Featherwing compatible with the Adafruit Feather development boards

Use the breakout board to interface the NeoMesh Wireless Mesh Network module to a host controller or a sensor.

Adafruit Feather mode

The formfactor of the breakout board is designed to fit directly with the Adafruit range of development boards, allowing easy integration with microcontrollers which can be used to create very advanced prototypes of actual NeoMesh based products.

Stand-alone mode

The breakout board can also be used on its own, where the easy access to the I/O’s of the NeoMesh module makes it possible to wire sensors and actuators directly. Hook up a small battery to the breakout board, and a full sensor prototype is done on no time.

Please contact NEOCORTEC for further details.