In our downloads section you can find relevant information about our modules, boards, kits and much more. You can find user guides, data sheets, the NeoCortec API, software pacakages and firmware releases.


Comprehensive quick start guide

Our online quick start guide contains information about our evaluation kit and evaluation board.

Its Tutorials section will guide the user through the first steps of developing a mesh-network using the NeoCortec modules, with the help of the evaluation boards.

The quick start guide also contains information about the hardware configuration of the evaluation boards and the software recommended for them.

It also offers a troubleshoot guide and an FAQ.

Quick start guide

Watch the Tutorial Video series

These videos will guide you through using the evaluation kit to get familiar with how to configure and use the NeoMesh technology.

Although the videos are done based on using the evaluation kit, the content is also applicable for other NeoMesh module form factors such as the FeatherWing breakout board or a custom board.

We have done 12 videos, starting out with a short introduction, and going from there to setting up a network and how to send aknowledged and unaknowledged payload data.

Then we explain how you can modify configurations settings in a module, how the wireless encrypted setup works, and how you update the module’s firmware. The remaining videos explain different kinds of generic applications (embedded, UART, GPIO, HTU21D, RSSI).


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