Connect NeoMesh modules easily to a PC

The Mini PCI-E card with NC1000-8 NeoMesh module, is intended for easy integration in a PC. The card is utilising the USB interface in the Mini PCI-E interface to seamlessly connect the two UARTS of the NeoMesh module to the PC.

Together with the open source NeoCortec NeoGW Linux Gateware software, it is possible to create a industrial grade gateway with very little effort.

NeoGW Gateway software

Although the Mini PCI-E card can be used to connect any software application on the PC to the UARTS of the NeoMesh module, it has been designed to work seamlessly together with the NeoGW Open Source Linux Gateway Software.

The interface in and out of the NeoMesh network through the NeoGateway is implemented as standard IP Sockets. To interface the gateway with a given Cloud service or proprietary server, an application must be developed which on one side connects to the NeoGateway IP Sockets, and on the other implements the necessary functionality to connect with the Cloud service or proprietary server.

The interface application can be implemented in any programming language as Python, Javascript, C/C++ and others, as long as it provides the necessary methods for working with IP Sockets.

The NeoGW software can be downloaded from the download section, where a User Guide for gateway software is also available for download.

Please contact NEOCORTEC for further details.