Smart Buildings simplified with self-governing wireless network

Think of Smart Buildings and you probably picture brand-new offices equipped with all the latest innovations in building automation. But conventional, low-tech buildings can also benefit from smart technology, thanks to advances in IoT and wireless communication. With NeoCortec network technology you can upgrade your building with a large sensor network in just a few […]

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Micro Technic

Customer Case: Mesh network connectivity: ‘limitless’ scalability, ultra-low power, minimized installed cost

Danish company, Micro Technic, is using NeoMesh from NeoCortec to add massively-scalable, low power wireless networking capabilities to its Skylark PRO/SECURE+ range of industrial datalogger products in wide-ranging applications A specialist in Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM), Micro Technic designs IoT solutions for a sustainable world in collaboration with its customers. Originally – and still – a company […]

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Customer Case: Industry 4.0 monitoring system

Sub-GHz ultra-low power wireless mesh sensors mean longer operating time and no more dead spots for Industry 4.0 monitoring systems The widespread uptake of Industry 4.0 and smart environments (cities, factories and workplaces) requires wireless IoT devices that can collect and transmit data to a central location for assessment and possible corrective action. German monitoring […]

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Use case: Sensor system for farming

NeoMesh is well suited for farming applications. Sensors can measure weather at field level, temperature, soil humidity, probability of various pests, growth stages etc., and the network can cover large areas. Also, the sensor network can adapt to topology changes. If the connection between two sensors is blocked the network automatically finds a new way to route […]

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Use case: Monitoring system for Vertical Farming

In Vertical Farming plants are stacked on shelves, growing in a hydroponic system with their roots in water instead of soil. They grow in large industrial buildings and sunlight is replaced by LED light, while water enriched with nutrient circulates in a large, closed system.  Thus Vertical Farming can achieve total independence from outside weather […]

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Use case: Pest control

The traps are connected, and communicating through a robust and powerful wireless mesh network The network is able to handle the connectivity challenges at ground level.      A trap sends a notification when it needs to be serviced. The network of traps stays operational for years with 0€ subscription cost. If a trap is relocated the […]

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