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4th May 2020
Use case: Monitoring system for Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming requires a high level of automation and monitoring - NeoMesh is well suited to measuring temperature, humidity etc.

4th May 2020
Use case: Sensor system for farming

Agriculture and NeoMesh go well together - low cost, low energy consumption, scalability, and dynamic networking

4th May 2020
Use case: Monitoring system for 500 cooling vehicles

Mesh Networking on the move in logistic refrigerator vans - use case presented by German IoT and wireless communications expert Harald Naumann

19th March 2020
NeoCortec partnering with OKdo to advance low-power wireless connectivity in the Global marketplace

”We are thrilled to be partnering with OKdo. We share their vision of providing end-to-end support for all SBC and IoT segments."
Thomas Steen Halkier, CEO NeoCortec

6th March 2020
NeoCortec achieves global presence through partnership with RS Components

A growing demand for our wireless connectivity technology solution has led NeoCortec to look for a stronger global presence. This has now been achieved through the new partnership with RS Components.

29th January 2020
NeoCortec launches Asian subsidiary

Two seasoned professionals are running our new office: Mr. Caleb You and Mr. BN Chen.

9th January 2020
Harald Naumann – an IoT expert to follow

Concept: Mesh network for mining applications

28th November 2019
NeoMesh in the media

Our German distributor Unitronic has extended its portfolio with NeoMesh. Read the news article from IP-Insider.

25th November 2019
New breakout board compatible with Adafruit Feather

With the new breakout board NeoCortec has made it much easier to build a proof-of-concept, as the board is designed to fit into the Adafruit Feather eco system, and to integrate with the Adafruit Feather microcontrollers.


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