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2nd July 2019
NeoMesh at Wireless Congress 2019

Meet us at the Wireless Congress 2019, 22.-23. October in Munich 2019.

2nd July 2019
NeoMesh version 1.4 released

With the release of NeoMesh 1.4 we have improved the performance of the core protocol along with added new features. Among other things we have increased payload size by 10 per cent, without impacting power consumption.

1st July 2019
What students can do with NeoMesh

A group of engineering students have used NeoMesh to experiment with wireless sensor systems, and they came up with two imaginative concepts that utilize mesh connectivity: An intelligent power tower, and an interactive treasure hunt for children.

18th June 2019
NeoCortec featured in German tech magazine

The German electronics weekly Markt & Technik is featuring NeoCortec in its new issue: "Die Zukunft gehört den batteriebetriebenen Sensornetzwerken".

3rd April 2019
Practical challenges in implementing wireless sensor solutions

"In my opinion, a main driver of IoT is low cost. I think the large-scale rollout of IoT will be enabled by low-cost devices, low-cost platforms, and low-cost connectivity solutions," says Danish IoT expert Anders P. Mynster.

2nd April 2019
Video from Embedded World 2019

Take a look at this video with NeoCortec CEO Thomas Steen Halkier introducing NeoMesh, and presenting our plans for 2019.

12th March 2019
TV-news report from the Philippines: Danish tech startup tests mesh network system in Quezon City

The Reachi device was tested in the Philippines recently, and the local ABS-CBN News station invited city official Bianca Perez from Quezon City, and Pernille Skjødt from LinkAiders to present the project and its goals.

11th January 2019
Background Knowledge: Rounding up the challenges of designing low-power wireless sensor networks

What are the main theoretical and practical challenges in designing low-power wireless sensor networks? Professor Jiri Srba from the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, Denmark, gives an answer.

8th January 2019
Meet us in Nuremberg – get free tickets

The NeoCortec team is looking forward to seeing you in Nuremberg at Embedded World 2019.
With more than 1000 exhibitors and over 30.000 visitors Embedded World is the leading international trade fair for the embedded sector.


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