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30th October 2019
Check out our Wireless Congress demo video

4-minute video demonstrating how to build a full connectivity solution from sensor to cloud. We built it for the Wireless Congress 2019 to show how easy it is to work with NeoMesh.

25th October 2019
NeoMesh improves on well-proven mesh principles

Long Read:
How NeoCortec's Second-generation Mesh technology is changing the landscape of Low Power Wireless Connectivity.

19th September 2019
A digital twin for wireless network connectivity

- It is well known that it is difficult to measure the performance of ad-hoc wireless networks. What we have done is to build a computer model to simulate these networks.
Peter Gjøl Jensen, University of Aalborg

19th September 2019
NeoCortec at the Wireless Congress 22.-23. October in Munich

Meet us at the exhibition or take part in two NeoMesh presentations - contact us for further details

7th August 2019
Watch our video tutorials

Watch & Learn: Our new video tutorials tell you all you need to know about getting started with NeoMesh.

2nd July 2019
NeoMesh at Wireless Congress 2019

Meet us at the Wireless Congress 2019, 22.-23. October in Munich 2019.

2nd July 2019
NeoMesh version 1.4 released

With the release of NeoMesh 1.4 we have improved the performance of the core protocol along with added new features. Among other things we have increased payload size by 10 per cent, without impacting power consumption.

1st July 2019
What students can do with NeoMesh

A group of engineering students have used NeoMesh to experiment with wireless sensor systems, and they came up with two imaginative concepts that utilize mesh connectivity: An intelligent power tower, and an interactive treasure hunt for children.

18th June 2019
NeoCortec featured in German tech magazine

The German electronics weekly Markt & Technik is featuring NeoCortec in its new issue: "Die Zukunft gehört den batteriebetriebenen Sensornetzwerken".


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