NeoCortec at the Wireless Congress 22.-23. October in Munich

19th September 2019

Meet us at the exhibition or take part in two NeoMesh presentations - contact us for further details


The Wireless Congress is one of the biggest get-togethers in the wireless community, attracting both academia and business. Two of the presentations will be touching on NeoCortec, so if you plan to participate we are looking forward to seeing you.

On Wednesday, day 2 of the conference, NeoCortec CEO Thomas Steen Halkier will be presenting NeoMesh. As part of the Industrial IoT track, Thomas introduces the key features of NeoMesh focusing on the advantages of 2nd generation mesh technology for low-power wireless sensor applications. The presentation will touch on how NeoMesh is handling scalability issues, how it is able to react dynamically to changes in the network, and how NeoMesh achieves true low-power and long battery lifetime for all parts of the network. Also, the presentation includes a number of use cases where NeoMesh has been deployed for the monitoring of heating equipment in office buildings, passenger ship evacuation systems and more.

Thomas’ presentation starts at 12:00. Just an hour earlier, from 11 to 11:30, assistant professor Peter Gjøl Jensen from the University of Aalborg, Denmark, presents a research project: an Automatic Framework for Reliable and Repeatable Ad-Hoc Network Simulations. NeoCortec is involved, with the researchers running simulations of the NeoMesh protocol. The specific use case is a large infrastructure of communication devices for emergency situations in the Philippines. Please click here to learn more about this project.

Apart from presenting NeoMesh at the Wireless Congress, NeoCortec is also a Silver Sponsor of the conference and participating in the exhibition that accompanies it. You can visit the exhibition free of charge. Please contact us for further details.

Furthermore, as NeoCortec is a Silver Sponsor, we can offer you a 10 per cent discount if you would like to participate in the conference. Please email us for further details.

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