The following section contains general information on some of the expressions and concepts mentioned in various parts of the documentation.

What is the "NodeID"?

Every device in the meshed network has a unique "Node ID". Legal values are 0x0001 to 0xFFFE. The value 0xFFFF is special, and is can be used for an unconfigured Node. The node ID of a device an be changed through the “Config App”, supplied on the USB card in the evaluation kit. Please note that all NodeID-s must be unique through out the entire network.

Information on how to use the "config app"

What is the unique ID?

The unique ID can be regarded similarly as MAC addresses. Every NeoCORTEC node posesses hard-coded, unchangeable unique ID, shortly UID. The value of the UID can be retrieved either through the "Get Node Info" command in the "Demo App", or by reading the QR code sticker on the shielding of the individual modules.

What is the "WES"?

Wireless Encrypted Setup (WES) is provided as a functionality which allows unconfigured modules/nodes to be setup for an existing network wirelessly by having another node who is already part of the existing network to announce the network through an Encrypted WES channel. For information about how connect nodes to the network using WES, click here. The WES settings of a node can be modified using the "config app".

Information on how to use the "config app"

What is the "WES key"?

The WES key is instrumental when adding new modules to an already existing network. Also called "The Encryption Key for the WES Channel" is separate from the Network ID (also an encryption key), and is usually the same for a group or a category of modules/nodes. If a node is setup as a WES Server, it will begin to send out WES Beacons on the WES Channel, which is encrypted with the WES key of that specific WES network. This means that nodes that do not have the correct WES key cannot be setup remotely for the particular network. WES settings, includignt the WES key can be modified using the "config app".

Information on how to use the "config app"

What is the "Generic application"

The Generic application can be considered as the program what controls the behavior of your NeoCortec node. Careful setup of the application parameters can render the addition of an external microcontroller to your application unnecessary. The application can be set up to operate in UART, GPIO or RSSI mode. Besides these features, NeoCORTEC offers support for several external sensors, connecting to the module through I2C, communication with the devices is handled without an external microcontroller.

Information on how to set up the "generic application"

What is the "Sequence number"?

The sequence number is 2 bytes attached to every non acknowledged message, which helps to determine the order of received packages and filter duplicates. The handling of the sequence number must be resolved by the application layer.

Information on sequence numbers