German Unitronic chooses NeoCortec

20th September 2016

Many German customers demand wireless ad-hoc networks with NeoMesh features



The large German development and distribution company Unitronic, an expert in M2M and sensors, has signed a distribution agreement with NeoCortec. According to Unitronic many German customers demand wireless ad-hoc networks with the features provided by NeoCortec.

NeoCortec has developed a patented Wireless Mesh Network communication protocol overcoming some of the limitations typically found in this type of network. The NeoCortec product range consists of different network modules, a gateway and an evaluation kit, making it easy to get started on building the application required.

– We have been looking for a product like NeoCortec for a long time, says Michael Braun from Unitronic, one of Germanys biggest distributors of high-tech modules for sensor systems and wireless technology. Apart from selling and distributing a wide range of products Unitronic also develops customer specific solutions, for example sensor systems for navigation and for gas detection.

– There is an increasing demand for sensor systems with the features NeoCortec has to offer. A key feature is that the NeoCortec system operates on various frequencies and that the network modules are very small with ultra low power consumption. This makes NeoCortec unique. To our knowledge there are no similar products in the market, and that is why we anticipate great interest in NeoCortec here in Germany.

Michael Braun expects customers interested in NeoCortec to be operating in the Home Automation and Smart City industry, and in IoT in general.

– One of the strengths of NeoCortec is ease of use. The system is divided into modules, meaning you can quickly design the network you need, thereby reducing time-to-market. That feature is very important to our customers.

NeoCortec CEO Thomas Steen Halkier elaborates:

– Unitronic holds a strong position as a technology provider and there is a large market for sensor systems in Germany. So I’m looking forward to see some interesting applications of our technology in the time to come. The NeoCortec Wireless Mesh Network communication protocol is developed specially to fit the industry’s needs for long distance real time routing of data with ultra low power consumption. That is why we’re going to see our system being used in a variety of settings, like smart metering, industrial automation, facility management, logistics, smart cities etc.

Unitronic’s head office is located in Düsseldorf. The company was founded in 1969 and has sales offices all over Germany. Unitronic is part of the Swedish Lagercrantz Group, a group of 40 companys specialising in electronics, mechatronics and communications.

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