Leading South African electronics distributor chooses NeoCortec

20th January 2017

Looking for new customers, primarily in mining and security.



Leading electronics components distribution group in Southern Africa, CST Electronics, has signed a distribution agreement with NeoCortec. According to CST many customers in the region demand wireless ad-hoc networks with the features provided by the NeoCortec NeoMesh technology.

– We’ve already identified a number of customers, primarily in mining and security, says CST director Ernest Campling.

– As you might know, mining is a big industry here in South Africa, and sensor networks can be used for monitoring temperature, humidity etc. In mining there is also a need for asset management. Different kinds of equipment have to be monitored, so you know under which conditions it is stored, and where to find it when you need it. Also, in case of theft, you can point out its location and retrieve it.

– So, you can add many different classes of sensors to the network, and in our opinion the NeoMesh technology is well suited for medium size companies in need of personal networks. Besides mining and security, we’ve identified agriculture as an important target market. As an example, much of our agriculture depends on irrigation, and you need to monitor the soil and the crops to activate the irrigation system when needed. NeoMesh would be an ideal network solution for this.

In short, Danish technology company NeoCortec has found new ways to overcome some of the common limitations of wireless mesh networks, making it easier than ever to create a complete, autonomous, and self-contained wireless mesh network targeting low power sensor type applications. Accordingly, NeoMesh has generated a lot of interest in the IoT developer community, with running networks already deployed in a variety of settings.

According to Ernest Campling, NeoMesh has some major advantages compared to similar technologies:

– We have discussed NeoMesh here at length, and we really believe we have a winner. It fills the gap between what Zigbee once was and what LoRa and Sigfox are now. Regarding LoRa and Sigfox, the cost of ownership is quite high. With NeoMesh, once you’ve invested in the technology there are no monthly or yearly fees to be paid. That is a huge advantage. So, you can easily put in a new NeoMesh network or add it to your existing network, without any nasty surprises regarding cost of ownership.

CST Electronics is a specialist technical semiconductor distributor with skills and in-house services that allow their customers to minimize time to market during concept development, prototyping and manufacturing. The CST specialist teams help customers create new revenue streams by using emerging technologies.

CST Electronics is part of Electrocomp Holdings, a group of distribution and service companies in the electronics sector. Electrocomp Holdings currently employs the largest engineering team in the South African electronic technology industry, with more than 22 engineers supported by 80 account managers and salespeople, and a total staff of 200.


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